Unit 01 Palliative Care

Description – provides an understanding of treatment, care and support for people with a life-limiting illness and their family and friends. Its aim is to help people to have a good quality of life including being as well and active as possible in the time they have left.

Learning OutcomeAssessment Criteria
The learner will:The learner can:
Understand what is meant by “Palliative Care”Explain the meaning of “Palliative Care”
Understand the principles of “patient-centred” Palliative Care”Explain the principles of “patient-centred” Palliative Care. Discuss procedures that may be used for “End of Life”.
Understand myths that can be associated with Palliative Care Discuss myths that can be associated with Palliative Care 
Be able to discuss end of life wishes in order to understand a patient’s fears and wishes about end-of-life issuesExplore and address spiritual issues relating to end of life. Demonstrate ability to develop rapport and trust with patients and families
Use effective communication with other professionals and agenciesDemonstrate a team-based approach, by involving and working together with other members of the palliative care team and community agencies, depending on patient needs


Word CountExternal References
Level 320004
Level 425006
Level 530008

Outline of the report:

  • Define and discuss the meaning of palliative care
  • Explain the principles of patient centred palliative care
  • Discuss the procedures that may be used for end of life
  • Describe how you would develop/or how you have developed rapport with both patients and their families in palliative care
  • Discuss how different Christians beliefs may affect how people approach the end of life