Unit 03 Communication and Liaison

Description – (includes Listening Skills) developing good communication skills in chaplaincy are vital for conveying information to people clearly and succinctly and in a way that they can understand. Communication is a two-way process and good communication includes being an empathic listener, understanding how others will interpret your words and behaviour.

Learning OutcomeAssessment Criteria
The learner will:The learner can:
Understand why communication skills are important in a Chaplaincy setting.Describe ways that communication skills are important in a Chaplaincy setting.
Know how to establish a positive relationship between professionals and clients and/or patientsDescribe positive communication exchanges in terms of: verbal and non-verbal communication listening skills barriers to communication how barriers to communication may be overcome.
Use communication skills to provide spiritual care to individuals.Develop a rapport with individuals; Use supportive listening, demonstrate empathy; Recognise and respond appropriately to an individual’s emotions
Understand effective communication with other professionals and agenciesOutline how to communication effectively with other professionals and agencies.