The Second Advent

Historically, the Second Advent is the only major prophetic event regarding Jesus Christ to be completed..We are encouraged to know “ the seasons” yet, the Church often falls into two camps..

(1) Those who are so concerned with now, that the Church, or the World are void of any sensible teaching on this vital subject..They have a “ Today faith” ….little consideration of the afterlife, till confronted with terminal sickness…Sermons, teachings, worship, very tactile…

(2) Those who are on a quest to exspose conspiracies, naming last day ant- Christ’s ….most, embarrassingly wrong , yet attracting many followers..

I have only once named people, 90% correct, 10% failed…I needed to repent, the last 10% was not from God…Because of these two camps, the most important future event, has been deliberately withheld from the Church and the Community…Jesus, having appeared at the first advent, preaches the second advent! If the second advent is already planned, we can’t, couldn’t, won’t stop it…so, rather, prepare your life, family, for the consequences of the run up…According to your eschatology, you will either go through the tribulation …or be raptured ..,if go through it, get ready…if raptured, get ready,,,My generation received teaching that simplified was “ plan as if He isn’t coming back yet, live as if He is “ In a desperate attempt to convince people of God’s love, we have mostly unintentionally, omitted any form of humanity having to give accountability for their life, actions, decisions…I, as a Ezekiel Watchman, am duty bound to warn, He is coming again, for a new heaven and a new earth..The pathway to eternal life is Jesus Himself…The Way…the road to God…the and secure…the Life eternal, death is vanquished! Jesus is very serious about His love for us, and our response, in belief, lifestyle, holiness, sanctification, justification…our correct understanding of grace…Even established Christians are adopting many of the false lifestyles that the Apostle’s warned about..We debate about “ can we lose our salvation? “ without agreeing on “ What is salvation.?” You ask those who would in all honesty call themselves Christians, you would receive totally differing answers! We know this, Jesus warns us to seek the narrow path, few find it…many choose the wider one that leads to destruction…Seek, Ask , Knock …There are certain actions that disqualified people from the kingdom , unless they repented …you may discover these in the New Testament It’s not God’s will that any should perish ( spiritual death) …yet, we have a will as well ..At the start of this year of uncertain future events, if He came this year, what reason would you be able to give Him why He would let you into His Heaven? Not a scripture, unless you are convinced you are living it!

Maranatha !

Pastor David Carr

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